Pohl watches war Warriors series KINGBOX high replica watches

Pohl replica watches uk began in 1891, in the harsh environment, still accurate "-- although headquartered in Switzerland, but the origin of La Chaux de fonds, with the United States has already begun in 1891. Pohl the watch brand has been committed to build strong and durable mechanical timepiece, and they were all with reliability and readability is very outstanding, it is because of this obsession with readability, it is no exaggeration to say, Pohl will be their timepiece with "light" together. Today, Bohr is headquartered in Switzerland, La Chaux de fonds, where to focus on creating excellent accuracy and readability of both the timepiece. The dial definition makes the brand the pursuit of world without end, early in 2001 when it has been for the whole rolex replica disk and a pointer is equipped with a 3H luminous micro gas lamps, to ensure that the wearer can also be clear even in the most extreme conditions of that time. Named war Warriors series, is in fact to pay tribute to those with a shovel coal into the steam engine combustion chamber of the old train workers on the head. The Bohr night train DLC rolex replica watches, is the third pin the entry-level series meter is a very sporty style. The full motion wind case by stainless steel DLC coating process crafted. The use of DLC coating can significantly enhance the case hardness, wear resistance and provide the advantages of increased gloss for the course, but it also gives additional color steel. The surface design for closed bottom, same as the stainless steel material to build, but not after coating, inscribed has a steam locomotive on the pattern, the very texture. The crown is also used in the absence of coating treatment, which is somewhat unexpected. Although the size of the entire table is 45mm, but it is very fit to wear wrist, lightweight and comfortable.